Rats and mice are difficult to deal with on your own once they’ve grown in number, which really doesn’t take long for species that usually give birth to anywhere from 6 to 12 pups at once and can do so about eight times in a year. Rodent infestations can grow exponentially, so even spotting one or two can be really bad news for you. We have had numerous cases of people unknowingly living with rat infestations that have grown to include hundreds of their kind. Rodents can spread dozens of serious diseases. If you suspect there might be uninvited guests living in your basement, or anywhere else in your home, contact No More Pests Control today to take care of the situation for you.


Mosquitoes are important to take care of as soon as they appear. Mosquito bites might seem not too serious, and oftentimes they aren’t something to make a fuss over. However, mosquito infestations still impose a huge health risk on your household. This is because some of the most dangerous diseases in the world are spread through mosquito bites. The difference between living and dying in areas where these diseases are prevalent is a mosquito net, and it takes one infected person showing up to your city to inject the disease into the local mosquito population. This is, of course, very alarming, and it is always better to be safe than sorry in situations like these. Contact us today for a solution to your mosquito problems.


You might not think ant infestations are that big a deal, and it is true that there can be worse problems than this. However, even though ants themselves cannot spread infectious diseases to your family, they are still capable of making you sick. Ants cover a lot of ground when foraging for food, and the germs and bacteria they collect on themselves are not something you would want to be spread through your pantry or on your dining surfaces. No More Pests Control has extensive experience in dealing with these pesky little nuisances and we can assure you our methods are both safe and effective. Ants are able to grow a tolerance to insecticides so we make sure to change our chemical treatments often.


Cockroach infestations are something no household is able to escape having at one point or another. However, the commonality of cockroaches should not make you any less wary of them. Cockroach infestations are another one of those issues that many people don’t even notice taking place right under their noses. We have often come in for routine inspections and uncovered infestations that the family knew nothing about. The trouble with cockroaches is how good they are at hiding from sight. They only come out at night to explore and can dart at magnificent speeds to a hiding spot if you enter a room. Where there’s one, there’s many more. Contact No More Pests Control for a thorough wipeout of cockroaches from your home.


Bees and other stinging pests can be of particular danger to those who have allergic reactions to their venoms. They are even known to send people into anaphylactic shock, and it gets worse and can potentially be fatal when the number of stings involved gets higher, of course. Even those who aren’t allergic can experience severe distress from insect stings, which is why is it highly recommended that you contact a professional to come take care of your problem because of the protective gear and knowledge needed to handle stinging pests. If you have honey bees, it’s very important to tread carefully with their nest. A beekeeper can come in and remove the swarm for you without bringing them any harm.