Bed Bug Dog Inspections 

When you choose No More Pests Control for a bed bug inspection in NYC or Long Island, you can expect the most accurate service possible.


The Inspection

Bed bug dog inspections are one of the fastest and most accurate ways to determine if you have a bed bug problem. The handler and the dog will arrive at your home or place of business discretely so no one will suspect anything. Before the dog does any inspecting the handler will do a quick visual to make sure there isn’t anything too obvious or something that will distract or harm the dog. Then when everything is ready the dog will search the entire premises if it alerts to the scent of live bed bugs and or viable eggs it will scratch at the area. The customer will be informed at the time of the inspection what the findings are.

The Treatment

After the inspection is done the handler can then give on-the-spot recommendations for treatment and any prep that may be necessary. The extermination itself can consist of a combination of eco-friendly and chemical applications. Most treatments will require some kind of chemical treatment consisting of 2 treatments and if needed 1 additional follow up. We will typically be treating the entire premises to ensure that the bugs do not travel from the source of the infestation to any other area. After about 30 days since the last chemical treatment if the customer wants they can have the dog come back to re-inspect to give extra peace of mind at an additional cost.